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October 2015 Holydays and schedule

    October 4 - A message from Father John:

    Hi beloved Parishioners and Friends: A little cool this morning, but it did not STOP the parents from bringing their babies to Liturgy, or stop the parents from bringing their children to Sunday School. Thank you parents you are wonderful in the eyes of God who sees you....part of the Sermon today was: The Cross of Christ is the Way To Heaven.

    Every good thing on earth was placed here by the Bountiful Hand Of God as an expression of His Love and Kindness. Remember the poor are His. The sick are His. Little sick babies are His. Those with Cancer are His. He knows YOU....He is looking down upon you....and He will comfort them and you. Can we ever look at the Cross and say: I HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE TO CHRIST AND HIS CHURCH? The Cross brings us together, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are not along, The Cross has brought us together....

    Everyday you leave the house, make the sign to the Cross....it is going to be a long day....and when you come home make the sign of the Cross, because you survived the day.

    Students, everyday when you leave for school, make the sign of the Cross...for protection, for study, for wisdom, for activity. And when you come home, a very busy day, make the sign of the Cross... you made it through the day. What a wonderful spiritual practice. To all have a wonderful week....love Fr. John.

    Important: Saturday, October 10, is our first Pirohi Festival. From 3 to 8:00 PM. We need people to help. We will have people boil the Pirohi, but we need cashiers, and we will have stations of different pirohi....we need help. Easy. 5 people can't do it. We need about 15....sign up in vestibule, or see Mark Samilenko. You will receive the benefits....and it may be fun,,, with also Trivia Contest, win prizes.....no charge.

    NOTE: We are going to charter a bus to travel to St. George Orthodox Church, Taylor, PA, for a service, to see the miracle Icon of the Blessed Mother and be blessed with the myrrh, oil from the Icon. The date is Saturday December 5. Sign up. No charge. More info coming.

  • Fall 2015: We are having a Pieroghi Festival on Saturday October 10, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. If anyone is interested to provide support and help, please see Mark Samilenko.
  • Sunday August 2: Father John will be taking our young boys and girls to Camp Nazareth for a week of prayer, education, fun, swimming, hiking, team competition and fellowship. Fr. John will be one of 5 clergy who will be chaplain/counsels for the week, coming back on August 8. If a priest is needed, please call Fr. Jason at 570-280-5978 or Fr. Gregory. Pray for a safe trip for all campers and priests.
  • Please register for Holy Ghost Grocery Certificate Program at www.escrip.com, which donates 1% back to our church. Also, our church gets up to 5% back when you book a cruise! Please visit eScrip web site for more details.
  • Do you shop at Giant? If so, please buy your cash cards from Libby McShane... The Church benefits, and you can save big on gas. Libby has the cash cards, $25.00 and $50.00, and use as cash. Please see Libby on Sundays. Thank you!


Our kids need Angels, Bring them to Church where Angels Live.

PARENTS: Be sure your children are praying at home before icons of Christ and Blessed Mother, and other Saints. This is Good.