Church News

August 2014 Holydays and schedule

    Important daily message from Father John:

    Dear Beloved Parishioners and Friends: Another beautiful day, thank you Heavenly Father for giving me another day of life...I have so much to do, help me, and guide me. This is going to be a wonderful weekend, with our Spiritual Father of the Diocese, Bishop Gregory and eight clergy, and many members of the ACRY from our Diocese. It is going to be a wonderful Sunday, when Bishop Gregory will bless the children and all of us. Bishop Gregory is another Apostle appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ. As a Nation, Family, Church, or Individual, so much depends on the direction we take. Start here...."As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Love Always, Fr. John. Liturgy Sunday at 9:00 AM...our Angelic Choir is ready....don't miss it.

    A reminder to all parents: Bring your children to Liturgy during the summer, it is the will of God, and duty of parents. God really loves families who worship together.

  • We will start being busy, baking for the Christmas bazaar, whenever possible come and help... Your Church... You benefit... Come and Buy...
  • Sunday August 31: Bishop Gregory of Nyssa will be here at Holy Ghost, at 9:00 AM. All parents bring your children... Let them meet the Bishop.
  • Thursday August 28: The Assumption of The Blessed Mother, called also The Falling Asleep of The Mother of The Son of God. Her body was taken to Heaven. Divine Liturgy at 8:45 AM. Blessing of flowers. Bring a bunch.
  • Sunday August 24: Panachida for the soul of +Martha Kushner offered by son Gregory, Carolyn, Tatiana, Nadia; 40th day. Eternal and Blessed Memory, O Lord.
  • Sunday August 24: flowers on Altar and in Church are offered in Loving Memory of mother, grandmother +Martha Kushner offered by son Gregory and family.
  • Sunday August 17: School Supplies: for Orthodox Orphanages... Warm the children project... Has been operating since August 2000. Please donate supplies on Sunday August 17, Last Day; thank you. Altar Society will send them.
  • Saturday August 16, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM: Holy Ghost 4th Annual Picnic and Pool Party, ALL ARE INVITED, Sunday School Students, Teachers, Parents, Board Members, and ALL Parishioners. Hot Dogs, Bar-B-Que, Snacks, Drinks, Games, Music, Fun and Pool. Place: Father Deacon Jim and Kathy's house, 51 Varnum Road, Jeffersonville, PA. Bring a bathing suit and enjoy our Church Fellowship.
  • Friday August 15: Next Food Sale, with delicious fresh Halupki, Pirohi, Haluski, Kobasi/Kraut... and Soups... and more. Please tell your friends...
  • Sunday August 10: panachida for the soul of +Theron Strenk, 4th anniversary, offered in Love by wife Mary and Family. Eternal and Blessed Memory, O Lord.
  • Sunday August 10: Flowers in church are offered in Love for +Theron Strenk, offered by wife Mary and Family.
  • Thursday August 7: making Pirohi, come on down and help, two hands, and 10 fingers, can make a lot of Pirohi.
  • Father John will be away Monday and Tuesday August 4 and 5. If a priest is needed please call Father Jason at 570-280-5978 or Father Gregory at 484-552-8079.
  • The Summer: schedule for Divine Liturgy at 9:00 AM, starts on Sunday June 1 until Sunday after Labor Day. Plan to attend every Sunday.
  • Please remember: Summer Sundays are days that we still worship The Lord, and receive our blessings. Churches do not close during the summer months. The Lord is alive and doing well... He will be here on Sunday, will you be here with the children?
  • The Church Board says: we are still receiving offerings for the oil fuel. So, please give to the special oil fuel fund... It is important that we help... Bring any Sunday, and mark on envelope, Oil Fuel... And Thanks!!
  • Do you shop at Giant? If so, please buy your cash cards from Libby McShane... The Church benefits, and you can save on gas. Please see Libby on Sundays. Thank you!


No matter what age... Pray every night before you go to sleep; say The Lord's Prayer, and offer thanks to The Lord for many blessings.

Parents: Please make sure your children pray before sleeping.