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October 2014 Holydays and schedule

    October 23 update - A message from Father John - Walk with the Lord today:

    Dear Parishioners and Friends: Glory be to Jesus Christ; Pani and I are leaving on a cruse this morning. There will be 4 priests and 5 Panis. We have set a Sunday service, Oct. 26, on the ship. A Moleben of Thanksgiving. The Cruse ships stop the Christian Services a few years ago, because there was not a priest or minister who would direct a service. Last year on the cruse, I volunteered to direct the service, an Orthodox Moleben, and the priests and Panis sang the responses (a mini choir). They advertised the service in their daily Compass and to our surprise, 70 people came to the service, most were Roman Catholic, Protestant, and a few Orthodox. Our mini choir sang the responses, but there were prayers that all could participate. There was a short sermon, we sang God Bless America (I told them to sing loud) and we ended with singing God Grant Them Many Years... There were Asians, Blacks etc. who participated. We greeted them all, and they thanked us for the service. We did explain a little about the Orthodox Church, and I gave them all an Icon of the Blessed Mother, "Lady of Perpetual Help." Pray that we have a safe journey, and we will see you on Sunday, November 2. Love Always, Fr. John. I sent a meditation yesterday, but it did not go through.

    Families with children, sign up for the Hayride/Pumpkin Farm trip on Sun. Oct.26, after Sunday School, lunch, games, prizes at Social Center. Return form to Tracey Bilanin. Next ACRY meeting, Sun. Oct. 12, after Sunday School, Social Center. Continue to be a steward, and bring in your pledge and offering envelopes, this is very important for Christ and His Church. Are we missing birthdays and anniversaries for October? Let Fr. John know. Do you want special prayers for someone, on the prayer list, let Fr. John know. Needed: during the summer 3 freezers died at the Social Center..if anyone has a workable freezer they don't need, please donate it to the Social Center....let Fr. John know, and thanks. See you Sunday, God willing.

    St. Mary's Shelter - A message from Father Dn. Jim: Good Morning to all, As we have done for many years in the past, we will be supplying a dinner meal for St. Mary's Shelter on the north side each day for a week between October 27 and October 31. We already have volunteers for Wednesday October 29 and Friday October 31 so we only need people for Monday October 27, Tuesday October 28 and Thursday October 30. The meals should feed approximately 20 people and will need to be dropped off at the shelter. Please see or contact Pat Overdorf at 610-251-9073 for more information or if you would like to volunteer a meal to the shelter. You will not have to serve the meal, only prepare it ahead of time and drop it off at the shelter. Thank You for your help.

  • We will start being busy, baking for the Christmas bazaar, whenever possible come and help... Your Church... You benefit... Come and Buy...
  • Sunday September 7: Panachida for the soul of +Michael Telepun , first anniversary, offered by wife Doris and Family, Laura and William Cowan, Gordon, Angela and Nicholas Telepun. Eternal and Blessed memory, O Lord.
  • Sunday September 7: the flowers on the Altar and in Church are offered in Love by the Telepun and Cowan families, in Loving Memory of husband and father Michael Telepun.
  • Thursday August 28: The Assumption of The Blessed Mother, called also The Falling Asleep of The Mother of The Son of God. Her body was taken to Heaven. Divine Liturgy at 8:45 AM. Blessing of flowers. Bring a bunch.
  • Sunday August 24: Panachida for the soul of +Martha Kushner offered by son Gregory, Carolyn, Tatiana, Nadia; 40th day. Eternal and Blessed Memory, O Lord.
  • Sunday August 24: flowers on Altar and in Church are offered in Loving Memory of mother, grandmother +Martha Kushner offered by son Gregory and family.
  • The Church Board says: we are still receiving offerings for the oil fuel. So, please give to the special oil fuel fund... It is important that we help... Bring any Sunday, and mark on envelope, Oil Fuel... And Thanks!!
  • Do you shop at Giant? If so, please buy your cash cards from Libby McShane... The Church benefits, and you can save on gas. Please see Libby on Sundays. Thank you!


No matter what age... Pray every night before you go to sleep; say The Lord's Prayer, and offer thanks to The Lord for many blessings.

Parents: Please make sure your children pray before sleeping.