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February 2016 Holydays and schedule

    February 5 - A message from Father John:

    Hi beloved people: We now have 11 families signed up for the Eternal Light. The list will be in the Vestibule Sunday. Donation is $10.00 to Holy Ghost Church. The Eternal Light is now burning for Great Grandmother Anna Nolan, 5th Anniversary, donated by Laura Natal and family.

    A note about the Annual Meeting this Sunday; Church President Mark Samilenko and the Board Members really want the parishioners to come to the Annual Meeting Sunday immediately after Liturgy. (no Sunday School). All our new families are invited. Be part of the growing Church. Lunch will be served (no charge) for all children and parents. After lunch an adult teacher will take the kids up the Church hall for activities and fun for over an hour. Parents who have babies and little children, keep them at the meeting. We all hope you will come. Menu: Homemade delicious Vegetable Soup, meat and cheese platter, rolls, tomatoes and lettuce, homemade macaroni salad so tasty, and more. Desserts.... coffee, tea, water, drinks for kids. Any questions see Mark or Fr. John. Love, Fr. John.

    February 5 - A message from Carolyn K: ACRY events on Sunday February 7:

    Jamie Dutko will be selling Super Bowl pool squares at the annual meeting - $5 per square ...

    We will also have bake goods for sale to support the National ACRY mission project ... Thanks for your support!

    Our Pilgrimage to Saint George Orthodox Church, Taylor, PA on Saturday December 5th, 2015

    Hi beloved people, Glory be to Jesus Christ and His Mother the Theotokos; About 60 parishioners traveled to St. George Orthodox Church, Taylor, PA. We arrived before noon, went into Church to prepare to see the miracle Icon of the Blessed Mother, and to hear Father Mark Leasure, the Pastor, to tell us about many, many miracles that have happened since, October 13, 2011. From Holy Ghost, we had about 60 parishioners, and about 70 from three Greek Orthodox Churches from Lancaster, Bethlehem, PA and Elmira, NY. A service to the Mother of God was celebrated, and then Fr. Mark who has been the Pastor since the Icon has been weeping, told us, many, many stories of healings, from babies to old people. Tears came into the eyes of many who heard these miracles. Father Mark, becomes also emotional when he tells us of unbelievable miracles that have been recorded. Doctors who have come to St. George Church from Ohio, and PA and other places.... how could their patients who had CANCER be cured....was it the myrrh from the Icon of the Mother of God? The Doctors say: Yes. It is recorded. All our parishioners were surely impressed....all were anointed with this myrrh, and all kissed this Holy Icon.

    Father Mark said, until he dies, he will have a service to the Mother Of God in front of this Icon, every Wednesday, at 6:00 PM. More than 200 people come every Wednesday, and are anointed. The Icon continues to weep, the Icon is so wet, it runs downs into the cotton, and the cotton is used to anoint thousands. I received this wet cotton today with Icon cards, and I will anoint anyone and give you an anointed Icon at anytime. The Church is here for YOU...so that YOU believe, and prepare for the Kingdom of Heaven.... where YOU will see the Mother of God, and His Son, Jesus Christ. Those who are not believers.... and do not receive the Sacraments, will NEVER see the wonders of Heaven.

    Father Mark said SHE is weeping because the world is so wicked; she is crying because YOU ARE suffering in many ways... parents are crying for their children who are not holy, or come to Church, The Theotokos is crying with you. Those in pain, are crying, the Holy Mother is crying with you from the Icon. And it goes on and on. Whatever suffering you have, the Holy Mother wants you to know, she is with you, to comfort you... and gives US A SIGN, OF THE WEEPING ICON. In other words.... the politicians will not give us salvation... they will give us early things.... that are not important.... but seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.... and you and me will have everything we need on earth. Believe. Love Father John.

  • Sunday December 20: Annual Christmas Play, under director Susan Koss will take place in church immediately after liturgy. After the play, we all go down to the Social Center for a delicious brunch, prepared by our ACRY, and do you know, Saint Nicholas appears with gifts for every baby and every child in the church, he knows their names... Please come...
  • Please register for Holy Ghost Grocery Certificate Program at www.escrip.com, which donates 1% back to our church. Also, our church gets up to 5% back when you book a cruise! Please visit eScrip web site for more details.
  • Do you shop at Giant? If so, please buy your cash cards from Libby McShane... The Church benefits, and you can save big on gas. Libby has the cash cards, $25.00 and $50.00, and use as cash. Please see Libby on Sundays. Thank you!


Our kids need Angels, Bring them to Church where Angels Live.

PARENTS: Be sure your children are praying at home before icons of Christ and Blessed Mother, and other Saints. This is Good.