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August 2015 Holydays and schedule

    August 12 - A message from Father John: Weep Icon:

    Good morning Beloved Parishioners and Friends: Glory be to Jesus Christ, our partner on earth: Last Thursday evening at C.N. the Myrrh Bearing Icon was presented to the campers, priests, Bishop and staff. We held a special service called the Akathist to the Theotokos, The Blessed Mother, The Nurturer of children. This special service prays for all the children, our children to be watched over by the Mother of God. There are many short prayers in this service, so I will print them one in the morning and one at night. Please read them and you will enjoy them. The priests read them and the children sang the refrain.

    Priest: Intercede with your Son and God, O most Holy One, that an angel from heaven be sent to our children, just as to you was sent a most mighty protector, Archangel Gabriel; and enable us to cry to you:

    * Raise our children to be earthly angels.

    * Raise our children to be heavenly people.

    * Raise our children to be your servants.

    * Raise our children to cry to you. "Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is with you;"

    The refrain: Raise our children to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven (twice).

    See you later, Love Fr. John..

  • Welcome a New Family to our Holy Ghost Parish, Amy and Travis Smith, and two sons. May you find the joy of The Lord at our family parish, grow in faith and reach your goal in Heaven. WELCOME!
  • Fall 2015: We are having a Pieroghi Festival, If anyone is interested in planning this event please see Mark Samilenko.
  • Sunday August 2: Father John will be taking our young boys and girls to Camp Nazareth for a week of prayer, education, fun, swimming, hiking, team competition and fellowship. Fr. John will be one of 5 clergy who will be chaplain/counsels for the week, coming back on August 8. If a priest is needed, please call Fr. Jason at 570-280-5978 or Fr. Gregory. Pray for a safe trip for all campers and priests.
  • Sunday June 28: Panachida for the soul of +Tony Zarynow and brother +Frank Matyok, offered by wife and sister Marie Zarynow. Ethernal and Blessed Memory, O Lord.

    Flowers in Church today are offered in Love for husband Tony Zarynow and brother Frank Matyok, offered by Marie Zarynow.
  • Sunday June 21: Panachida today for all our departed fathers and grandfathers... Also included will be our departed family members. Eternal and Blessed Memory, O Lord. Vicnaja Pamjat.
  • Sunday June 21: thank you Altar Society for giving the Fathers a gift today, a car shrine plaque, and also a Dove (Holy Spirit). Fathers wear the Dove on your suit coat or on your shirt when coming to Church. Wear it every Sunday.
  • Sunday June 21: Flowers today in Church: in Loving Memory of daughter +Charlene Ferko, first anniversary, offered by mother Dolly Ferko and family. Blessed Memory.
  • Sunday June 21: Thanks for all for coming to the Ice Cream Social. If you like this we will do it again. Thanks for Tracy for organizing this. And thanks for many of you for bringing the toppings.
  • Please register for Holy Ghost Grocery Certificate Program at www.escrip.com, which donates 1% back to our church. Also, our church gets up to 5% back when you book a cruise! Please visit eScrip web site for more details.
  • Do you shop at Giant? If so, please buy your cash cards from Libby McShane... The Church benefits, and you can save big on gas. Libby has the cash cards, $25.00 and $50.00, and use as cash. Please see Libby on Sundays. Thank you!


We as Christians, do not take the Summer off of worshipping... The Good Lord does not stop giving us many blessings or life during summer... Life goes on and so does worshipping on Sundays... Make time for worshipping... Because it is Heavenly.

PARENTS: Be sure your children are praying at home before icons of Christ and Blessed Mother, and other Saints. This is Good.